Monday, February 26, 2007

The North Side

When designing a landscape for the front yard of a house, I find that I am more than concerned. This design will be the one that makes the statement about the house. It will send the message to my visitors about what to expect when they visit here. Is this an elegant formal place? Is this a warm and welcoming place? Is this an exciting and interesting place? My plans are never concrete in the begining vision. They are very much an evolutionary process just as the growth of the plants in the beds is evolutionary. I also know that this is going to cost more money than I am prepared for, even if I get shared plants or do my own plant starts. The soils are clay heavy and need much amending.

The front yard will have two beds against the house foundation. One runs the length of the garage wall and is about 15 feet long and 4 feet wide. The second landscape bed goes under the front of the bay window and frames that window and the front wall of the house.

Both of these beds are on the North side of the house and so I have to take into consideration the hardiness of any perennials I select and the tolerance for shade for both annuals and perennials that may go into the beds.

I also must work with warm colors or colors that compliment the cream color of the stucco and the deep red of the shutters against the windows.

I want a romantic hydrangea as one anchor on the corner near the garage. I also want some rhododendrans to anchor under the bay window. But colors are going to drive those selections. Hostas for the lower part of the beds near the front door, with the hope that I can keep deer our of the front yard. I may need to put up a fence.

There will also be a nice raised bed out toward the far middle of the front yard. There is lots of sun and I can really amend the soil as I wish. It will include a cut leaf maple, perhaps, maybe some crepe myrtles so that the view to the vegetable garden on the far side is hidden and during the hot summer days, the pretty trees will be blooming.

So much work ahead and I still have painting inside to do!!