Sunday, July 26, 2020

Tiny Vistors

I cannot imagine how these little creatures continue their speedy movement in this awful heat.  I am spending every other day washing the feeder and replacing their sugar water.  We seem to have about four (maybe two couples) visiting.  Their busyness and argumentative nature sometimes makes me a little exhausted.  But I love the hum of their wings above my head and the squeak as they zoom in an out throughout the long summer days.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Looking Back on a Memory I Loved

This post is a look back on a time in my life long before Coronavirus.  Also, a time when I was better at pushing the pause button and opening my eyes and my heart.

I wrote it for my other blog back in 2007!  I still think of that day sometimes.

If you want a pause, you can find the link here.

Thursday, July 02, 2020

Summer Storms

I thought I was up early and had beat the sun, but upon inspection, I saw it was after 7:00 and not sunny.  The morning seemed unusually cool and when I looked out my deck door I saw intermittent cloud cover to the East.  I was going to check the weather on my portable technology when I heard that distant growl of thunder high overhead.  The frogs were performing their choral celebration in the woods, a sure sign that rain was on the way.  Their light-hearted chirping was worth a smile.  The air smelled new.

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A change in plans for outdoor work was being imposed upon my day.  I would have to transplant those geranium cuttings into pots on the deck another day.  They were very late anyway and I could wait for the effusive blooms in fall.  My mums were blooming crazy this week and these geraniums may be the only color I get come September.

As the morning moved forward the thunder became more threatening.  The sound was distant and vast and powerful as summer thunderstorms can be.  July is such a drama queen. Within an hour, I heard that pelleting of rain on the skylights.  We needed it and my yard welcomed it.  It was one of those heavy storms with little wind and intermittent deluges of water that fell straight into the arms of the trees, down the troughs of the bark and into the welcoming ground.

I could not do much outside so went to my reading corner with my current e-book and second cup of coffee and glanced out the windows every so often to see how Mother Nature was doing with her petulant child, summer.  These storms give me an excuse to be lazy and cozy.  If they go on too long I find some postponed projects indoors that need doing, such as cleaning off my messy desk or baking some caloric filled dessert with all the fresh fruit of July.  (The peaches are wonderful this year.)

These heavy summer storms are somewhat peaceful in spite of their noise and bravado.  They are restorative and reassuring.  Seasons are not put on hold by tiny viruses.