Monday, December 18, 2023

Do You Hear What I Hear?

My husband opened the door the other day to what sounded like a tin band. Lots of squeeky sounds and chattering. He explained how noisy it was and I went to the door to see what was happening. The air was filled with rusty sounds. It was a flock of Robins that had flown in just ahead of the big East Coast storm that was coming. Maybe they were staying further inland at the farms and knew the coastal areas would be warmer? They are common and not as admired as are their cousins the Blue Birds. Birdwatchers can find Robins almost anywhere in the continental U.S. depending on the seasons. There is a cliche that they bring the spring, but I see them here long before winter has gone.
If you look at their eyes you can see how they resemble the favorite Blue Bird that also visits here most of the year, but rarely comes in flocks of any significant size.  Robins are larger than the Blue Bird.  And sometimes 
 birdwatchers notice that Blue Birds sometimes look a bit angry!

The songs of Blue Birds are more like soft bells whispering gossip to me.  It would be very nice if I knew what they were gossiping about.  It is not me, as my life is not very interesting.