Monday, August 01, 2022

Heavy Air and Languorous Times

My garden is in full bloom and full of fairies. I have moved more and more to planting natives while I still cling to a few of the heavy feeders like my four roses. I avoid sprays at all times, unless terribly desperate. 

My native phlox and native penstemon are big addictions for butterflies, moths, and native bees. Feel free to click on photos and zoom in on the ones below to see better! On days when I feel that there is too much happening in the modern world, I take my camera and walk into the front driveway where the beds need trimming and weeding and plants need thinning and a sense of organization and I throw all those thoughts to the wind and below is what returns on the summer breezes.

The zebra swallowtail is a frequent visitor as we have paw paw trees where they lay their eggs.

I think this is one of the "elfin" butterflies that would have missed my attention had he not landed on the cover to the table.

The American Painted Lady (?) I think this one is a female and they love my Zinnia, a non-native annual.

A gorgeous show-off that always arrives in late July every summer.  Black Swallowtail.  Within weeks his elegant wings get tattered.

This Tiger Swallowtail is showing off against my sunflower plants on the back deck, placed where I can watch the Goldfinch eat.

My butterfly plant did well but has been eaten down to nubs and I had not luck with my Milkweed plant, but this rare Monarch still came for a visit to my Cosmos.

Above is a Skipper, maybe the common Roadside Skipper?

They are in beautiful abundance today after yesterday's rains.

In the very middle is the Hummingbird Moth which sounds much like a real hummingbird if he buzzes by your ear.