Monday, April 25, 2022

And She Is Up and Running

I told you to pay attention or this sweet young thing (Spring) would have grown up and matured before you even made it around the side of your house. She is very promiscuous and does not think about those humans who are enthralled and behave as paparazzi. I visited the nearby County Park which has a wonderful marsh created by those industrious beavers who think spring is a short marathon.

Thursday, April 07, 2022

Just a Breath

Spring, although filled with tasks and events, does creep in so slowly and yet so determinedly.  Each day some minuscule change happens and unless you are measuring, you do not notice.  Soon the season will be mature.

While I have several native dogwoods that bloom white in the understory of the woods, I have a cultivar of a dogwood in the front yard that seems as beautiful to me in the small first bud of early spring as it does when mature.   Its "blossoms" are symbols of love, luck, and rebirth throughout the world.  It also has religious meaning for many.  The beautiful part of the bloom is the bracts or leaves outside the blossoms.  We think they are the petals of the flower because they are colored and not green, but they are not.  Inside are 20 tiny blossoms...the actual flowers.

Below is what my tree looks like this week...such a tease.