Monday, December 30, 2019

Some New Year's Philosophy from an Old Crone

The world whirls through space on its passionate journey but makes no noise to get our distracted attention.  It runs reliably like a well-maintained thingamabob.  We are focused on coffee or a bank balance or a small child or the death of someone we love, small things by comparison.  It is a beautiful trip on this sphere even if sprinkled with agony.  We are on a long and circumstantiated history that drops an odd detail here and there into the lap of a scientist in research or a religious person in prayer and they struggle to translate the gem that has fallen into their laps to share/guide the rest of us.  Their excitement can sometimes frighten those of us who were not paying attention.

Common man creates time marks such as Christmas and New Year's among so many other time marks such as the winking of the sun between two monoliths so that we can mark our circumrotation and reassure ourselves that we know our place in time as we journey and pause to count our footprints.  If we can translate the trip, then perhaps we can translate the diffusion that we see or hear in the future from wise men or reassure ourselves that there is an end-goal and reason for our being here and all is not lost.  

Do not be afraid.  Be open as a child.  You are small but your energy is large and when combined with the love and questioning of others it is insurmountable and a good foundation upon which to build.  You are important and where you should be right now.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Peace in the New Year

Another serving of Peace in the new year, please.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Hanging On

This time of year gets really crazy, sometimes. We just have to hang in there! 

Friday, December 13, 2019

Blackbirds but no Pie.

Cackling by the winter fires?

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Common for Some to See

Sandhill Cranes are not uncommon if you live in Florida. They are not very wary and that is why it is illegal to feed them...even with birdseed. They are big and can be dangerous if they become too friendly with humans.  That long bill is an intimidating weapon.  The oldest documented bird lived for 36 years and they are considered the oldest living bird species on the planet!  They do look prehistoric and  elegant at  the same  time!  I have heard their call, but only as they were flying overhead.  You can  click on the link and hear that it is not very melodius.

I am wondering if that red bald patch,  which is on both males and females, is  used for attracting the opposite sex.  (Apologies for  the  photo quality as this was  a quick hop out of a car while  with friends.)

They have been documented flying over Mt. Everest at 28,000 feet, so I tip my hat to their stamina and aviation skills!  According to Florida DNR, there are about 5,000 of these that remain in the state year-round, but they can be found  all  over the United States as  some are migratory and there  are six  subspecies.  Maybe one of these days I will be there for their season of dancing.

On my bucket list is to see the mass gathering  of them on the Platt River of Nebraska  in the  spring or to  see them  at  the annual Sandhill Crane Festival in Albequerque  in  November.

Sunday, December 08, 2019

Each Day Another Day

How long does it take for a new beginning? How much time to erase the puzzle board or smooth one's hand over a new unmarked white sheet, or clear the echoing sounds from the air? I am relying on 24 hours. A fresh, new, sun grinning as it breaks over the horizon and pushes the cool morning breeze across the marsh grasses racing out to the ocean playing with your hair on the way.  

Another chance has been tossed at your feet with each new wave.  A puzzle of pieces that will fit together...somehow.

Limitless possibilities await on the far horizon even though they may be camouflaged to your eyes in the beginning.  The smell of salt stimulates thought to add spice to the excitement of a renewed perspective.  But as ever with Mother Earth, you are not alone for long.

If he can strut his stuff so bravely, so can you!