Monday, December 30, 2019

Some New Year's Philosophy from an Old Crone

The world whirls through space on its passionate journey but makes no noise to get our distracted attention.  It runs reliably like a well-maintained thingamabob.  We are focused on coffee or a bank balance or a small child or the death of someone we love, small things by comparison.  It is a beautiful trip on this sphere even if sprinkled with agony.  We are on a long and circumstantiated history that drops an odd detail here and there into the lap of a scientist in research or a religious person in prayer and they struggle to translate the gem that has fallen into their laps to share/guide the rest of us.  Their excitement can sometimes frighten those of us who were not paying attention.

Common man creates time marks such as Christmas and New Year's among so many other time marks such as the winking of the sun between two monoliths so that we can mark our circumrotation and reassure ourselves that we know our place in time as we journey and pause to count our footprints.  If we can translate the trip, then perhaps we can translate the diffusion that we see or hear in the future from wise men or reassure ourselves that there is an end-goal and reason for our being here and all is not lost.  

Do not be afraid.  Be open as a child.  You are small but your energy is large and when combined with the love and questioning of others it is insurmountable and a good foundation upon which to build.  You are important and where you should be right now.


  1. Beautiful sentiments! Happy New Year, Tabor!

    1. Happiest of 2020 to you as well.

  2. Well, I like your philosophy. We really are small potatoes in the grand scheme of things. However , that doesn't mean that we don't count.

  3. This is a remarkable peice of writing that I had to work at to decipher its whole meaning.

  4. Beautiful words
    As a child, I often imagined myself as tiny with the world all around me like the Little Prince standing on the Earth. Nowadays, Earth is a comfortable bean bag chair, and I am happily, via paper, glue and scissors, being shown what feels like a new universe.

  5. May we all find our own way. Happy New Year!


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