Saturday, September 25, 2021

Easing into Winter

It really is time for me to post on my "real life" other blog for those that read both..., but I just do not have the energy to write about all I have been thinking and all that makes me thoughtful. So today I will share some stuff that makes me serene and safe on my outdoor blog.  As an elder who is addicted to photography, I will share that way.  The autumn colors are always inviting and/or rustic. Both are so warm and appealing because we know that winter in its monochromatic presentation is blowing its cold misty breath not too far from here. We have a few weeks of perfect weather and that makes photographers, hikers, walkers, walkers with pets, and those walking children to school happy.
These ornamental beans (hyacinth beans) turned yellow the very first night we got into the low 50's F and they are beautifully veined when green and more interesting when yellow.  Their summer green and purple are lovely, but they do get your attention before they die.
These brown beech leaves are so full of texture and shadows and require even more study.
The acorns are starting to fall. We have several different species of Quercus and I love them all.
Above I found on my steps as I climbed back up to the back deck after an hour of watching the sun start to set.  If you look closely at the leaf you will see a gray-white spider hidden in his web quietly and patiently waiting for dinner after his thrilling ride through the air.
Even the bark of a Quercus (perhaps a black oak) gets a new look as the light from the setting sun comes from the side.  I do not notice it when I return from the dock until fall and its hard texture draws my eye.

I love catching the changes in fall.

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Sunny Faces

Today I will share the sunniest of faces since the cooler weather will soon send these on their way.

Coreopsis, zinnia, and some sunflowers.