Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Where am I going with this?

The house sits on the tip of a peninsula that rests about 20 feet above the water's edge. The land drops away on both sides with a moderate decline to conservation easement territory which I cannot change by much and for which I must pay taxes. There is a 100 foot easement to the water's edge at the point of the peninsula. The water is a tongue shaped area of brackish liquid heading out to the mouth of a long river which empties eventually into the Chesapeake Bay. Along the gentle curve of the gravel drive at the front of the house, there are three acres of woods that cover land back to the road. The woods include tulips, oaks, holly, pine, wild rose, poison ivy, Virginia creeper, and many others to be identified. The soil beneath all is mostly thick yellow clay. A potter could live here happily for decades.

In the ravines on either side of the house and at the water's edge live raccoons, snakes, box and snapping turtles, rabbits, deer, fox, and water birds. Others have not made their presence known - yet. In the water are menahaden, cownose rays, crabs, etc. Among the branches of the trees flit woodpeckers, wrens, robins, catbirds, cardinals, hawks, and many others yet to be identified.

Thus, in this land of abundant flora and fauna and challenging terrain, I will attempt to grow annuals and perennials and fruit and vegetables. Am I crazy? Of course I am. Most people with addictions have a little craziness in their soul which leads them to think they can accomplish the impossible to satisfy those addictions.

I will also dig and sweat and add what is called 'hardscape' on those television shows where an entire backyard is landscaped in 30 minutes. I have left-over bricks and rocks to use.

My husband and I will dig holes and plant plants and then the very next season dig up the same plants and move them to another hole which we will dig in another place. This is the perennial plant dance which many gardeners know very well.

I will swear at four legged mammals from my windows and maybe even throw rocks at them sometimes from the door or deck. If I am in a good mood, I will share. I will add cutely painted houses for the two-legged animals that will sing me awake in the mornings.

All of these will be chronicled in this blog.


  1. "Most people with addictions have a little craziness in their soul which leads them to think they can accomplish the impossible to satisfy those addictions."

    I can SO relate :)

    And I too am cursing those 4 legged animals from my window. Bunnies are no longer cute little furry things, but evil vermin who won't leave my petunias alone.

  2. I know the "plant dance." Hubby does it all the time :) This yard will be great!

  3. tabor, what a great new blog! i copied the part about moving the plants and sent it to my hubby's work email so in the morning he can see that he is NOT the only one who has to do this! he constantly says he is planting this "ONE TIME ONLY!" i keep laughing and saying OK!

    i can't wait to see how you will transform this property.

    ohhhhhh the snakes would scare me!

  4. Vegetables + deer? No way. But good luck, Tabor.

  5. Oh excellent, even more news and photos and wisdom to enjoy reading! And what a good choice of blog template, if I may say so :o)

  6. i want pictures and posts about this new house and new life! what is happening in the garden - anything yet? ;)

  7. Tabor--My first visit to your new blog. Since we now live in a townhouse and have a small yard, I will enjoy immensely your posts about gardens and gardening.

    PS Ronni's post today about Queen Anne's lace gave me an idea. If you have a spot where you would not mind if the Lace took over, get some seeds and throw them out and see what happens.

    Also, a friend of mine created by seeding a wildflower "meadow" which was visible from her deck. Pretty.


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