Monday, May 21, 2007

Spring is Full of Surprises

After one spends hundreds of dollars on landscaping and hundreds of hours on preparing the soil and then dozens of hours preparing bone meal sprinkled holes with more loose soil to bed the roots that have been gently separated with your muddy fingertips as they are pulled from their plastic pots, one must make sure that each plant is freely watered every weekend that you are down at this new house.

This past weekend while hubby was moving the hose over the new nandina shrubs he hooted (just like that old hairy owl) for me to come outside to see some signs of spring. It seems that a mother bunny had decided to make her soft hairy nest beneath the nandina plants. She had gone out for a sale at the grassy mall and left behind two little bunnies, both in substantial panic as these unusually heavy rains flooded their little nest. They came out looking very damp and lost. I tried to catch them and wipe with a towel and move to a new area, but failed. So I left them alone on the damp earth to face the cool night hoping mother bunny would return shortly to move them to a new home on drier ground.

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  1. Oh they are so so cute. Even though our acre field is jam packed full of the things, I still enjoy watching them. They dont run away, I think because their big white friend (our sheep) isnt running away from us!


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