Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A miracle... but then again, perhaps not...

Ever since my little guy has been born he has refused to eat anything green, sweet or sour, textured or not; if it is green, he squinches up his nose and then at this age of 2.5 can now say "No." very clearly and adamantly.

We have all tried to get him to expand his diet from milk and taco chips with some success...but never into the green world. Yesterday, after putting in a load of laundry I decided to visit grandpa (Doc) and Xman out in the garden.

They were both deep in exploration of all the wonder that small seeds and earth and rain transform. Doc said to Xman, "Show Nona what you have."

In his small hands Xman lifted that most delicious of green containers, the edible podded pea.

Then he proceeded to let Doc open the pods and take out those green jewels in the middle which he immediately put in his mouth. It didn't take long before he wanted to master the engineering feat of opening them himself and take charge of eating those emerald gems. He is not yet up to eating the pods...but who cares, we had so much fun watching him put away dozens of the peas.


  1. Your little Xman is adorable. It's such a cute age.
    How wonderful that Grandpa got him to try peas :) Perhaps this will be the beginning of a healthy path to green food :)
    My hubby planted strawberries this spring. I can't wait to eat some. Yours look bright and pretty.
    Thanks for visiting. I'm really appreciating all the comforting words from my blog friends.

  2. I think now, I can comment without glitches. This and your other blog are worth keeping in closer touch with. Your two guys look lovely here!

  3. Mmmm my kids loved eating peas like that, but ONLY from the garden! I remember picking raspberries in my childhood garden - I was small enough to get in under the canes. I can remember looking up at the undersides of all the leaves and thinking how different they looked from down here, then forgetting the job in hand - picking the raspberries!


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