Saturday, February 16, 2008


My dear cardinal-friend, I can tell by your look that you are getting a little confused. First the week starts out cold and with light snow. In two days the weather is back up teasingly close to the 70 degree mark. Then, just as our blood begins to thin and run with joy, the cold winter wall pushes once again across our land dumping chilling rain and sleet and sending us all scurrying for shelter. Mother nature can be such a tease.


  1. We have nowhere near 70º here but we are supposed to have warmer temps this week.
    I love to see the cardinals. We have a few at the feeders but not as often as I'd like.
    It's good to see your bulbs are growing. We found yesterday the the rotten little mice had eaten almost all our tulip bulbs out in the garage that we potted up for forcing . We're bringing some in weekly now so at least we saved a few. The good news is they don't like they're still intact :)

  2. still chilly here but spring is springing...hydrangeas are budding, bulbs are halfway up, lenton roses are blooming along with the heather, and a crocus is fully open now! we can hardly wait to see it all in another month when the show begins!

    tabor, i miss the cardinals. we don't have them here. i had families of them at my feeders in atlanta. did you know the juvenile male looks like his mother for a while until he grows into the handsome red male his father is?

  3. Kerri, you are surrounded by such beauty in your house I am surprised you even recognize spring when it happens ;-)

    Sky, I did know that about cardinals...I think.


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