Friday, March 14, 2008

Good Things in Small Packages

These little faces of goodwill and sunshine greeted me poking their noses over the rim of a leftover planter on the back of my deck. The plant was almost completely buried in oak leaves and then these little ones showed up like eager blue bunnies in the middle of March. I googled tons of images, but found nothing that was close enough for me to remember their name. Fortunately, I don't have to know the name to enjoy them.


Annie in Austin said...

Hi Tabor,
I bounced here from ML's blog and couldn't resist an attempt at identification. Perhaps this is Wild Flax, Heliophila coronopifolia?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Tabor said...

No, but a good guess. Flax has very different stems and leaves. I will keep looking and thanks so much for stopping by and trying to help!!

Annie in Austin said...

Heliophila is called "Wild Flax", Talbin, but it not really a flax botanically. It's one of the Brassicae- thus the four petals. This photo is why I suggested it as a possibility. "Showy Sunflax" is another name and even though it may not be your plant the little blue beauty is so pretty I'm coveting it myself!


Tabor said...

Annie, I will post a photo of the plant leaves and stem. It is a trailing plant and does not grow upright. It also seems to like a moist soil and this wildflax field flower seems to like dry open spaces.