Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Tenants

A new couple has moved in nearby. Since I am still at work in the city, my husband has been the spy of their activities. Except for the demolition and remodeling noise, they are a quiet couple. The male part of the team arrived earlier this spring and began the remodeling. We were sort of surprised that he installed the entry away from the water and facing our deck. I wish I could have heard her comments when she saw this.

"You have that lovely water view and you decide the entry should face that brick monstrosity? I will have to listen to noisy biped chatter every evening from that deck!"

He probably appeared sheepish but continued to move wood chips out the front, because he knew she loved him and she needed someplace to nest soon.

Over the next few days, hubby watched them settle in and begin their child care. They seem to have a balance of responsibilities. When he returns to watch the little ones, she leaves -- probably to get a meal out and some fresh air. There is not much room in that abode.

Yesterday they had their first adventure. Blackie, the black snake, which I had talked about in a previous blog entry has come out of hibernation and returned to the yard. He was 'snaking' his way up the remaining trunk of a small dead tree. This trunk was within a yard of the trunk in which our young couple had set up housekeeping.

I wish I could have been here to see the drama. There was a rather vocal (on the part of Mr. Red--you would think I could come up with more original names) argument followed by diving and flapping. Blackie, probably intimidated by that jackhammer bill, eventually gave up his territory even though it was only feet from the bird feeders. He moved on in search of a meal elsewhere and will certainly startle me one morning when I am out gardening.

I will post some photos today of the newly-weds, if I can.

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