Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Acrobat

First the glimpse of the acrobatic meanderings of a fuzzy wuzzy outside of the window from my dining table began the distraction. The sun was setting and the night temperature rapidly dropping into freezing levels.

As I watched, he bravely balanced from delicate branch to delicate branch gathering the nuts for his dinner. He was careful and even graceful in spite of his rolli-polliness. From his perch he got a lovely view of the river and the sunset to help with digestion.

In a surprising few minutes he had cleared most of the nuts, leaving the nuts that were dangerously at the far tips of the branches to fall to the ground in the coming days. He crawled to the crook in the largest part of the tree and carefully ate the last of his harvest before disappearing quickly into the shadows of the forest.


  1. Yes, is is a raccoon. Probably the same fellow that tries to get into the attic when the weather gets cold!


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