Wednesday, December 10, 2008

She Will Get Your Attention

I was shopping the other day at one of those warehouse discount stores. The kind that make me feel guilty everytime I enter them. I needed napkins, paper towels, etc. ---remember my other blog and the visiting relatives?.

Inside the cavernous room people were busy stocking up on foods and decorations for the holidays. Baskets were filled with exotic pre-made desserts, large selections of cheeses and chunks of fresh or frozen meat. We all were eager to pay for our larder and get home.

Mother Nature knew we were distracted and insisted we pause, for as we left the building a fresh very cool rain had just passed leaving everything sparkly wet and as we looked to the sky not only one but two rainbows arched over the parking lot. Everyone stopped in their mad pace and strangers suddenly became wonderfilled children talking to each other and smiling at the sky.

I did not get a photo, but perhaps the words above can paint a picture in one's minds eye.


Annie in Austin said...

Your words painted a rainbow for me, Tabor!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

One Woman's Journey said...

Whenever I see a rainbow I think of hope and what man cannot do.
He cannot put a rainbow in the sky.

Sabrae said...

Sounds beautiful!!!

Val said...

Ive been away from this room for far too long.

Thank you for the rainbow!