Monday, June 24, 2013

Light Dancing

Super Moon
Something like a Super Sale?
Glossy and Garish
Not to be missed
The 'Dance of the Fireflies'
Keeping angels at bay
Painting the skins
of the night
In liquid silver
Reminding romantics
How death defying
It is
To fall into love
Bolder than Wallenda
We bath in its charms
Senescent and adolescent


SueAnn Lommler said...

Beautifully expressed! It is awe-inspiring for sure!

Brian Miller said...

oh it is def death defying to fall in love...ha...and i love the moon too...smiles...nice pic!

ellen abbott said...

beautiful pic

Celia said...

Great picture, our cloud cover refused to leave so it's nice to enjoy your view.

Tabor said...

This was taken about 5:30 A.M. as I also had cloud cover in the evening.

messymimi said...

Moonlight love is dangerous, indeed. It got me more than i ever bargained for.

Red said...

I really like your poem and the imagery you use.

Pauline said...

Amazing how big it looked when it rose and yet at two a.m it looked like any ordinary moon! What a fabulous hot!

Loved the chicken post - if you want to get rid of ticks, get guinea hens!

Kat said...

Beautiful! I'm glad someone got a clear shot of the moon. We were all excited over here. I had my camera ready, my son hauled out his new telescope, and then the clouds wouldn't let up. Couldn't see anything.
I'll have to show my kids your pic. :)

Bob Bushell said...

A beautiful moon with the poetic side, lovely Tabor.

Mage said...


Hilary said...

Very lovely. You do have a way with words.. and with a camera.

Kay said...

Oh my gracious! This is so beautiful. You are such a talented poet.

Urban Wild said...

I don't know about all this 'super moon' stuff--I don't remeber there being super moons when I was a kid. Is the moon getting closer now?