Tuesday, January 07, 2014

The Rampage

Last night the predicted, bitter arctic air left Santa's homeland and savagely battered and whistled outside our door and strained at our windows for hours.  We hide ourselves beneath a soft throw and watched the first episode of Season 4 of Downton Abbey which I had taped earlier.  It wasn't until after the TV was off and we headed to bed that we heard the howling, moaning, and groaning of the angry winter wind.  It was frightening and haunting.  It was all those things that make one think of the death of others and even their own death.  It was the loneliest sound I had ever heard, much worse than the sad nostalgia of that midnight train whistle that drifts aimlessly across an open field. It was Father Death determined to stay and embrace.

Snow had been predicted after midnight, but when I woke, as I sometimes do, at 4:00, the landscape was dry and brittle under my porch light.  I did not open the front door for a more fearless view for concern that I would startle the little wren that lives in the woodpile that we have stacked on the porch.  Sending her out into this wind-sheared night would be certain death for her.

The thermostat said it was a balmy 12 F outside!  They, those weather people who find these dramatic episodes a gleeful part of their career, had predicted 6 F which would have been even colder when multiplied by the added wind chill!  Were they disappointed that they were wrong? Did they 'Aw,shucks' that this had not been accompanied by a blizzard?  Were the people up north who have endured this winter's anger for the past two weeks even sympathetic that it now covers two-thirds of the country?

Where were all my feathered friends hidden?  Had they found shelter?

I made some coffee and waited for the sunrise and answers.


  1. coffee is my friend...as is the chili we made...ha..its cold outside...around 0 here...we threw a pot of boiling water out the door as an experiment...it turns into a thick fog/smoke...ha...

  2. I think of wild critters when I hear of such winter weather. I know many will not survive. You are so thoughtful to think of your little wren in your woodpile. Stay safe and warm -- barbara

  3. Such cold reaches down into the bones, and brings a chill into the soul. Hope your feathered friends are keeping warm enough.

  4. We've had that horribly frigid air here too.. This morning's low on our deck thermometer was MINUS 10 degrees F... We are NOT used to anything like this. But the good news is --the temperature is RISING some today.. Hopefully, the worst is OVER...

    I feed the birds year round and REALLY feed them good during this kind of weather. I had to refill the feeders two times each day this week... I do feel so sorry for them this time of year.

    Stay WARM.

  5. That's a fine description of some very inclement weather. Stay warm and safe.

  6. I've wondered the same thing about the birds. How do they survive -40 degrees.

  7. Similar weather here by the woods.
    A warming trend today
    with a wonderful 16 degrees :)
    But sun is shining and this one also stays concerned about the birds. What I found unsettling was the strong wind over over the last 4 days..

  8. It was freezing, I know the reason..........


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