Saturday, November 26, 2016

Placid, Also the Lake

We took a 30 minute drive to a nearby park with a lake just before Thanksgiving.  We knew that walking will burn calories.  The autumn was at its peak and the afternoon was still warm.

The area was not quiet as about four young children were off from school for the holidays and enjoying freedom in a place where they can be children and do not have to use their "inside voice". But the noise was a joyful background rather than annoyance.  They soon disappeared to the rim of the dam.

This was the same walk where we encountered the hunting blind with the scattered corn that I posted on my other blog. We took a new trail as the one around the lake is over 7 miles and we had only a few hours before dark.

Above we are at the berm of the dam. This is a bit of manmade beauty meeting nature. I did look down every once in awhile and found many jewels for the camera's lense and I will share one below.

These days are too few and too short but I am in a pensive, placid, and empty mode in my life and seem to be able to absorb it all to fill me up.  I do not miss the busyness of success, whatever that is, and accomplishments, of which I have had a few.
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