Monday, May 01, 2017

Sharing Some Spring

My garden is struggling with hot weather followed by colder weather followed by hot weather. This was our comfort on a cold evening.

Then ONLY four days later we were up in the high 80's and touched 90 F !!

I spotted this Monarch butterfly yesterday. While they can be seen in our area in May I rarely see one in my yard before July! This one is visiting the buds (unopened) of my butterfly weed which is one of his favorites next to milkweed. Let me share my columbine which are in all their glory and will only last long if the weather returns to spring!

And below a painting.


ellen abbott said...

love the columbines. most of them don't grow down here...too hot, but we do have two that will, a yellow and a tiny red and yellow one. I've never been able to get either one to do well. the yellow one will grow but not bloom and the red and yellow will bloom but not naturalize.

Linda Reeder said...

Our columbine are just showing the first blooms. We may make it to 70 later this week. So far it has been a cold spring.
I alway appreciate your lovely photographs.

Kat said...

Beautiful photos!

The weather is up and down around here too. Although mostly down lately. Cold and rainy. A week and a half ago it was so lovely. I actually spotted a few butterflies in my backyard. I couldn't believe it! That is unbelievably early for WI.

Marie Smith said...

Love columbine! These are gorgeous!

Mage said...

Just so beautiful.

messymimi said...

Hope the spring weather keeps them as long as possible!

Studio Maywyn said...

Lovely flowers
The Monarch butterflies here aren't as numerous now that the hedgerow is gone. I see more half size Monarch butterflies than the larger ones.