Saturday, December 16, 2017

December Morning

Softly and gently
The morning begins 
Holding out fresh hope. 
Light waits at the sweep 
With a sanguinity
and dewy cool smile.
It reassures us
offering a bare
and mist hidden hand
to invite first steps
over the passage
when we cannot see
into the reveal,
the clearing ahead.
Faith is the steady
mettle holding us
balanced, straight and tall.
Faith in our selfhood.
Faith in our knowledge.
Faith in our placement
in the universe.
Faith in the advance
of a perfect plan.


Studio Maywyn said...

Beautiful poem
Merry Christmas!

Marie Smith said...

Both the poem and the photo are perfect! Love this post, Tabor.

Linda Reeder said...


messymimi said...

Beautiful. Morning is such a hopeful time.

Red said...

Hey , it's been along time since we've had a special poem. Thanks.

ellen abbott said...

lovely photo. things do seem more hopeful in the morning.

The Furry Gnome said...

Faith has meant a lot to me, especially in recent months.

Pauline said...

Almost gives me faith. The photo is exquisite!