Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Hike

While we spent time looking for fishing spots, or looking for wildlife, or looking for photographic scenery and looking for good restaurants while in Wyoming, we did spend one day on a real hike. We had been told of a lovely hike on the other side of Jenny Lake in the Teton National Park. The only way to get there, other than three miles hiking in, was by day ferry. They ran every 15 minutes and cost $10.00 one way. (We ended up having to buy the return ticket because we could not find a trailhead for the walk back around the lake...another story.) $80 for the four of us...someone made money.

National parks are crowded this time of year. We left the hotel early and caught the second ferry across the lake hoping to beat the crowds. 

As you read this, I want you to be aware you do not need to put on your river hiking shoes or carry a rain shell or pack snacks or your bear spray or your water. I will take it all. You just put your feet up and scroll down as you hike with me.

Our first site was the lovely mountains on the other side.

We startled one sleepy merganser as we scooted across the lake on the ferry.

The park is not great about marking trails, so I took the photo above in the event we got lost.  Our hike was from the boat dock on the right to inspiration point up the windy trail and then we walked a mile or so down the Cascade Canyon trail before returning to the dock.

We could hear the rush of the waters long before we reached the actual falls.  We could not have heard a bear if he was hot on our trail!

While most of the day hikers crossed the bridge and turned around to go back down the way they came, we trudged on.  That is my brother taking my photo while I take his!

It was lovely before it turned more ominous as the incline grew.

Hubby is checking his GPS.

The first view was a nice reward. That small boat on the right is a ferry coming in with more tourists.

This incline gave me pause.  It was not crowded which meant some fool coming down would not trip and push me off the mountain!  That is my brother and his wife at the top.

Another great view on the other side of the promontory.  Then we started down the Canyon Trail.

We kept trudging on because we had heard there was a moose in the winding river, but he was never seen by us.  We did see one tiny pika as he darted through the scree.

We finally admitted it was time to turn around and we took the much gentler slope back to the dock.  Now you can get the gravel out of your shoes and put your feet up.


  1. I have a thing about thin rocky trails on a cliff. I got queezy just looking at the pictures. Great views though.

  2. Marvelously beautiful. Thank you for taking us with you,

  3. Wow. That is a marvelous trail and view!

  4. The rough trail going up the clef side would have had me turning around. Good for you for making it.

  5. It sounds challenging and wonderful. Great photos and memories.

  6. I am proud of you. I would have chickened out. Thanks for the great photos.

  7. I'll bet you're happy you took this hike. Hikes give you and excellent experience.

  8. lovely hike. thanks for the photos.

  9. Beautiful photos! Your adventures are wonderful to read about.

  10. I enjoyed that armchair walk, would not have been able to enjoy that rocky path though. Sort of glad that we don't have bears in England!

  11. What a walk, beautiful Tabor.


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