Thursday, March 16, 2023

Spring Has Arrived But Late Due to a Nasty Wind

These last few days were cold and very windy.  Everything that was not attached flew across the yard as it was chased or thrown by the howl of the wind.  The windy front behaved like an angry teenager that had been grounded for the week.  I have lots of small branches to start my fires and create coals to burn the large logs. I walk around and fill my arms.  I never have to search far for kindling in this urban woodland.  Spring is here, so our nighttime fires are becoming fewer and fewer, yet a broken heater motor made the use of fires our salvation last week.  The motor on the new HVAC system, which was less than a year old, was replaced without cost to us.

The same wind that pummeled our naked trees dropped so many feet of snow to the north of us, that I felt guilty feeling sad for having to stay inside in our milder winter weeks.

But today it left us and pushed the clouds north leaving behind our first sunny and almost warm day.  

I realized that 50 mile-per-hour winds would delay the flying of our osprey.  They are amazing and return within three days of St. Patrick's Day here in the USA.  Today is St. Patrick's Day.  Pinch me...I am married to an Irishman.  They should return any day now.  First the one and then the other.

Each morning and at lunch and in the evening, I pass the kitchen window and look out carefully across the river to see if they have arrived.  I see that their well-engineered nest which they built in the trees across the river a few years ago has survived the winds.  They could not move the geese off the platform we built.  

The osprey that built a nest on the utility pole at the art museum a few miles away has returned. I heard their call while weeding our children's garden there and my heart jumped a beat.  

Our osprey must be on its way.  I will have to wait and see if they put sticks on the platform or move back into that awkward collection of sticks in the trees.

It will all depend on how much they want to redecorate, I guess.


  1. Spring weather is variable and can be very windy. I'm still waiting for spring.

  2. We are waiting for the return of the Osprey along the boardwalk. Their platform and pole was toppled by Fiona so they have to start over with a new platform in the same place. They are wonderful creatures!

  3. A wind bkown nest is sad to see. I am glad the one there survives.
    Your windy made kindling wood sounds like an adventure.

  4. been very windy here. and blew in a winter cold front last night. temps in the 40s.

  5. You can almost set your clocks by them. Amazing.

  6. March is notoriously unsettled, with many false starts and stops to spring. It's exciting to await the return of your osprey..

  7. The March winds haven't been that bad here, and we are grateful. I hope the osprey arrive soon and move back to the platform.


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