Monday, July 01, 2024

The Flickering Short Life of Genius

I had some down time today and some brilliant perspectives that I thought I could share about new views as I age, when I realized I could not connect to the Internet on this laptop. I had to wait until my oldest grandson came home from his job and he did the exact same data entry I had been doing on my laptop, but it worked for him and now I have access to the net! Of course, my brilliant ideas have have evaporated into the "netsphere" and I cannot remember what I was ruminating upon! 

I am now up in the city grand-sitting teenagers, which in actuality means housesitting while they come and go with jobs, activities, daters, and friend meet-ups. I have tried to see if they want to work in some "fun stuff" but when you are already having fun, you do not add more "fun" to the load. They are beautiful people, polite and conscientious, but our lifestyles are vastly different. My husband is awaiting knee surgery so we are avoiding bicycling, hiking, etc.  

We did return a few weeks ago from a vacation with the whole family where we did bike several miles each day and that seems to have aggravated the knee even more!   I am now making my husband behave.

The family dog and I ponder how quiet this old house is with hubby napping and the teenagers out and about.  The dog barks at the rare postman or next door dog.  The plumbing creaks and the extra quiet dishwasher sighs.  It is too hot outside except for a quick walk of the tiny dog.  We are near a hospital and I can hear the ambulance which cuts the siren the minute it leaves the highway and heads into the suburbs.  Hubby feels guilty at this wasted time but I do not care how little time I have left because I have no control over the length.

My children are off for a long weekend in Los Vegas for a 50th birthday party for a friend.  This would have been out of our league when we were 50.  Hubby's parents were too old to take care of our young people and my mother hated taking care of her grandchildren and lived many states away.  Hate is too harsh a word, but she make it clear it was burden to cook and clean for them when I sent them out one time for a week while Hubby and I were in Egypt.  He was working and I was having fun exploring the city of Port Said.

Despite Hubby's dementia we have been doing quite a bit of travel to see relatives or vacation with the children and I am blest for that, but tired and ready to get back to a routine, ready to find time to breathe, meditate and contemplate...and perhaps blog again.  Sorry this was posted to the wrong blog ...!


  1. It is good to read you again.

    You have been busy. Teenagers are so busy, it is a lot different to be with them compared to sitting younger children. It is interesting to see their lives though. It gives a glimpse of their futures.

  2. Taking care of older kids who don't think they need taking care of can be both rewarding and stressful. We old people like to do things our own way too.
    Enjoy what you can, rest when you can. Be happy.
    It was good to hear from you.

  3. Your children are blessed to have you willing to care for grandchildren and I'm glad you are enjoying seeing family as much as you can. It will be nice to get back to a routine, especially once your husband has had the surgery.

    It's always nice to hear from you, no matter which site you post on first.

  4. When it is an interesting post it is the right wall. Thoughts for you and hubby.


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