Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bird Beauty

We had lots of feathered visitors to our house over the weekend right after the lovely snowfall.

INcluding these two lovebirds (osprey) who came to watch the sunset.


  1. Wow - are they all different kinds of woodpeckers? Not the sort we have over here *goes off to look in bird book*

  2. I probably should have identified them, but my bird book is down at the house--not here at the apartment. The deep red-headed is our traditional red-headed woodpecker, the large one is the pileated woodpecker and the other is a yellow-bellied sapsucker...I think!

  3. Wow! Tabor those birds are gorgeous! Just stunning photos!

  4. Wow, you even have a pileated....lucky you! We haven't seen a re-headed one here. He's pretty! We had a yellow-bellied sapsucker late in the winter (they're brown with black markings), and a red-bellied (that's what you have in the picture), as well as lots of downies and a few hairies
    These pictures you've taken are wonderful.


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