Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The First Bed

I found these lovely pots that are some type of fiberglass or plastic for the front door. I planted them with wine and white pansies and candytuft. The plant in the foreground is a mountain laurel which will be planted at the edge of the woods in the back yard--hopefully the deer will not find it tasty!

Below is the front bed with lime green hosta, nandina (forgotten the names) that has a wonderful red that matches the shutters, and barberry that is also wine in color. More white flowers and more lime green and dark green to be planted later.

Below is what you do after a long day of rototilling and playing in the dirt. He has his garden mounding done. About a dozen blueberries are in a soldierly line and he has his snowpeas in the ground as well. More to come next weekend.


  1. Well coordinated colours! AND snowpeas too, now you are talking. Such work inspires hope for the future. I would have had to have sat out over the water though. Are there mosquitos or biting critters of small variety?

  2. Val, no bugs. He was sitting there because we had to add some bleach to the well for recircultating and that is his tool kit and the well pipe next to him -- we have to do this every three or four months or we get sulpher smell when we use the water. It is not dangerous, just annoying.

  3. What a beautiful house you have, Tabor! You see a lake from your window! Just great!

  4. I forgotten to say that I appreciate the more large size of the font, because it is more comfortable to read.


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