Saturday, September 01, 2007

Downy is down

We are now back at the house and have moved out of the apartment and I am realizing that I have so much CR*P. Apologies for the 'french' but my consumerism -- based on my strong nest building issues -- is despicable. I WILL repent.

Speaking of nest building, on one of our trips around the house to the back of the basement door this weekend carrying more consumer goods to shelve, we passed a lovely and small black and white striped little bird sitting in the lawn, either in stunned dismay after a strong breeze pushed him off the tree branch or in error about his camouflage situation -- thinking sitting in the grass when you are small and black and white it a good thing.

Hubby, who has the better nature eye, guessed that it was a fledging downy woodpecker. I think I agree. It rested there for several hours but was gone when we returned from the hardward store. Must have learned to fly, after all...they usually do.

I failed to bring my camera down this trip so cannot post this treasured experience.

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