Saturday, September 08, 2007

In the spring our hopes are high like the youth of the season. Here is basil, and sage and mint and new strawberries. Having had such a great success I was assuming the rest of the summer will also progress in kind. Yeah, right.

I set out wine and green-hued tropical plants in containers near the front door to greet me as I return each weekend. Last weekend this is what I discovered.

The common name of these wine and lime green vines (which I can now show only as thin stalks) is called sweet potato vine. They grow prolifically and hold rich colors if they are not placed in the hot afternoon sun. They will fill a container in weeks but I have now learned that they also make GREAT rabbit food!

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  1. Curious. Are those plants called coleus? I used to have several different varieties and loved the way they grew like wildfire. I was always able to share a sprig with a friend and then watch theirs grow. I haven't had plants since my cats were little guys. I think now it's safe to finally get some again.

    I love the potato vines! Nice lesson o' the day for me. :)


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