Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Rhythm of Life

Three squirrels, one gray and two black, live in my daughter's backyard. Some days and evenings it sounds as though they live under the roof...perhaps they do? Like most animals, they have their habits and their patterns of behavior. In the photo above is the top-of-the-fence trail that they take dozens of times each day. The snow hill pattern on the ridge is a reflection of their leap length. They all actually leap the same length and formed this scallop shortly after our first snowfall of the season.


  1. Oh those squirrels! We have similar tracks and the fresh snow is lovely. We had snow all day yesterday - I think I can hear it calling....

  2. Great comment prompt!

    This posting reminded me of a favorite scene: two black dogs playing in freshly fallen snow. I didn't have a camera at the time but the image has stayed with me for years.


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