Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Turn

The winter solstice has past, and although hidden to us in the code of the ages, the days are growing longer. Earth's smoothly spinning pirouette pauses in the quiet stillness of deep night and we can almost hear the sigh and see her frozen breath cloud the air. This ancient Earth turns every so slowly in a new angle. Its speed is indiscernible in the beginning but soon will be humming with the secretion of spring as it turns its face to the sun.


  1. Lovely, lovely *sigh* Perfectly put.

    Have you thought about leaving a link on Cate's post to yours?

  2. nature seduces me with her gifts of every season. i am not finished with winter yet, but soon i will be eager to greet the spring.

    this was a lovely post, tabor!

  3. Tabor, this is absolutely lovely. Kudos to you for it, and heaps of them!


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