Saturday, September 20, 2008

Black gold

It may not be Texas Tea but it sure will be 'gold' come this spring when we redo the entire garden and create raised beds throughout!! It took about an hour to build this...!

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  1. WE have a "new" dog, and now have three in the backyard. With the edition of "Etta Pearl" (part German shepherd, part golden retriever), I am just about to give up much gardening in the back. She thinks everything we plant is for her amusement.

    If she doesn't chew it off at the ground, she digs it up. Finds big rocks - who knows where from - and lugs them around the yard.

    She'll be a year old in October, so that means probably at least another year before she mellows out - if she does at all.

    Her big brother, Rusty (part Rhodesian Ridgeback and part Boxer) used to be a garden pest, but now he just makes doggie paths through the yard. Looks like some giant slug has slithered around eating all the grass in snaky lines.

    Max, the pocket Rotteweiler, is just 15 pounds of rat-chasing, bad-tempered, old man terrier.


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