Saturday, September 13, 2008

The End of Days

This morning at 5:00 I awoke without reason and decided to open the front door before dawn and see what was happening in my small world. As I padded across the slate porch and down the steps it occurred to me that:

1) I was barefoot
2) The slate was cool but certainly not uncomfortable against the soles of my feet
3) The air was comfortable against my skin like a soft well-washed sheet
4) Crickets and frogs were finishing their songs and the birds were picking up with their act
5) And the last thing that occurred to me, with a jolt, was that this is the end of summer and one of the very few remaining mornings I will be able to spend time outside barefoot!


One Woman's Journey said...

I love your sharing. The picture is beautiful. I promise you can go barefoot for a while yet. I am hearing crickets. Always associate that with Fall arriving
Thank you for the kind comments this morning.

Sky said...

well, if it were still dark, it would have occurred to me that one of those snakes on your path to the water might be curled up on that porch or on a step! there was a pretty large one on my parents' porch a couple of years ago. hope you had some light!!