Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Very Impressive Weed

Eupatorium fistulosum

This plant found in a moist field in West Virginia has been given the common names of Joe Pye Weed, Trumpetweed, Queen of the Meadow, and Purple Thoroughwort among other things. The name Joe Pye Weed probably came from the name of an Algonquin native (not named Joe) that used the weed to treat various illnesses including typhus. It is a perennial that can get 10 feet tall and this clump was about 6-7 feet high. It is considered a weed by farmers. The height and the lovely deep rose color caught my attention as we were driving by on our misty, rainy day. It is related to the sunflower but the flowers themselves are hard to identify and what you see as they mature is lots of pink feathery fuzz. Butterflies love them. I used to have a wild plant at my other house. Maybe I will try to find some room for one here. (Click on photo for better view.)


Bob said...

Interesting. I have some of these way out back along the river (an hour south of Houston) and I always wondered what they were. Nice to know.

Linda said...

We have these all around the great lakes. They are soft and lovely. They are no longer blooming here. It's past time for this year. Our butterflies have all but disappeared until spring. Beautiful photo, Tabor.

Sky said...

very pretty and something i would love to have if i had room.

fyi - washington has declared the butterfly bush a noxious weed! buddleia cannot be purchased at any of my nurseries, and i am furious! i loved my deep purple one in atlanta and it never spread anywhere in all the years i owned it.

ml said...

I LOVE this weed, that towers over all the other weeds on our west hillside, making it actually look like a garden. It's beautiful, seeming to thrive on poor soil and neglect.