Monday, September 28, 2009

Juices Flowing

Just days before this post I am filling a suitcase with layered clothing for my trip, yet, I am feeling full of the creative juices as the air turns crystal clear and crisp fall winds are encouraging me forward. (Well, as most of my readers know, I am back.) I love this time of year. Did I mention that I absolutely LOVE this time of year? Everything is going into a deep long sleep but all are giving out the most beautiful vibes in the process to encourage us to remember their energy and their spirits, and of course I will remember. I will daydream throughout the gray-blue winter days of their warmth and loving spiritual hugs. Their farewells are as passionate and as demanding as the grande divas of opera are in their farewells. It is the lieto fine of this year for me. I am not overly fond of winter and will spend much of my time curled into my chair in front of the fire until early spring with its enigmatic chores. But this fall...right now...I will dance and dance and lift my arms high to honor the moment. (Please click on the photos for some fall art expression.)


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful descriptive detailing of the energy of autumn! Oh i love how your mind views the world Tabor, you are indeed a kindred spirit :)
The photos are stunning!

Susie Hemingway said...

Such beautiful photos of Autumn, I have dived into them and drunk deeply. Stunning Autumn colours, I do love Autumn/Fall but so hate to say goodbye to the last remains of the Summer. Winter can be harsh here, so I cling to any warmth that we still have left. Still, the mists are covering the pastures first thing in the morning, a sure sign that Autumn has arrived. This is such a beautiful blog,I love it. Thank you Tabor

One Woman's Journey said...

Beautiful - images and your description. I think a lot like you but sure cannot use a camera or describe like you do.
Your words are always a pleasure to read.

bob said...

Both photos are lovely. I really like the crystalline effect in the large version of the top picture, and how that effect melts away to reveal a different set of details in the smaller photo. Nice.

I love fall down here too, mostly because it marks the farthest point from our stick and obnoxiously hot summers. But we don't get anything approaching the autumn colors you're sharing there.


I too love fall! Instead of feeling like the announcement of the end of a year, it always feels to me like a beginning... or maybe a rebeginning. Thank you for this beautiful blog...always inspiring!