Friday, October 02, 2009

Spooky time of the Year

As fall settles into the role of a familiar guest in my front yard my roses are seduced by the cooler air and send forth the best blossoms of the year. They are larger and more fragrant than ever. Yet I need to be very careful if I want to bury my nose in the lovely pink silk beauty.

My zinnias also hide surprises as I lean forward to check out the delicate and lovely yellow centers! Eeek!

My walk back from the dock at sunset also keeps me on my toes as this fellow was hanging just above my head on the path back to the house. Is it Halloween yet?

I decided to share some of the spookiness with my grandkids. I don't need to be the one having all the fun.


  1. Wondeful photos and how sweet and such fun the cookies/cakes look. Here in the UK there is already an early morning mist across the pastures and a wee chill to the evenings. Some strong wind today which means all garden furniture needs to be stored - and the leaves are falling. A new season is well underway. Take Care.

  2. Looks like you're getting into the full spirit of things. I should make some cupcakes with the kids this year and decorate a little more, before they're all grown up.

    PS - Those flowers are beautiful!

  3. Fall is my favorite part of the year.. crispiness in the air, the beauty all around..
    You got fantastically creative with the cupcakes :)

  4. I love the festive treats and the last roses of summer.
    Sometimes I go outside and wish those last roses to hang on just one more week.... please.
    When fall arrives I always feel like eating fish and fruit and sleeping. It's my grouchy bear thing.

  5. I need to make those cupcakes for my little girls. You gave me a new idea!!


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