Friday, October 30, 2009

Paying for That View, Our Last Adventure

We had to take a half mile climb up a steep but paved road. With my heart pounding in my ear, I looked back at the parking lot in the distance to see how far we had come.

Now only 800 feet more up a man-made ramp to the actual tower. See, people have made it and are returning. You can do it.

It is not far. Keep telling yourself that it will be worth it for the view.

Well, I guess it was. In the distance are the blue mountains just past the spruce and fir trees that struggle with this harsh climate. This is the well earned view from Clingmans Dome.
Now you can sit and rest.


  1. Good Morning, I've been to Clingman's Dome many times. One time, my friend who has MS went with us--and she 'drove' her motorized wheelchair up there. Everyone was willing to pay her big bucks for a ride up!!!!! ha


  2. Yikes, this was quite a hike upwards; I'm a bit out of breath just reading about it! But so worth it.

  3. When I clicked to enlarge that final picture, I would have to agree, it was worth the climb! Worth every step of the say Tabor!

  4. Wow! It really was worth the hike! Thanks for making it, so I could see it from my little office without having to walk very far.

    (Lovely new blog logo, too)

  5. I'm with Bob! Thanks for sharing Tabor. That view is worth the climb. I loved your story/pictures of the elk herd too. Also, what ever that lovely flower is on your header, your close up is awe inspiring. I love stopping here.

  6. Great view: that tower by the way looks very (and I mean very) similar to the tower at the end of Shark Valley Tram in the Everglades.

  7. What a sigh-evoker. The colours in that mountain are just amazing. Beautiful!

  8. What a wonderful place to vacation. I'd love to see it some day. I enjoyed all your photos...gorgeous views and colors, the wild creatures, and of course, loved your descriptions. That picnic lunch by the fungus filled log sounds enchanting.
    You really got your exercise with that climb, but the view does look well worth the effort. Gorgeous!

  9. What a beautiful view Tabor!


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