Thursday, October 15, 2009

Close Encounters During Afternoon Rush Hour Part 3

We were rewarded on one of our hikes above a dam with this view of wild goats before we even left our car to begin the hike! Someone said they were licking salt from the gravel. I was just trying to be as relaxed as they were about this encounter.

We hiked up to a snowfield or two and enjoyed the freshest air ever made and shared even though it lacked the molecules of oxygen necessary for humans that live at only 30 feet above sea level. Lack of oxygen makes you feel like a child sometimes and so at least one of us (not I) slid down the field on a butt.

On the way down the trail we got the strange feeling that we being watched and when I had the compelling feeling to turn my head to look back up the trail I saw these lovely wild goats studying us ever so carefully and following as closely as they dared. Clearly they were wondering why we were not moving down the trail faster. They must have had a schedule to keep, unlike us and begrudged our leisure attitude during rush hour.

This was a mother goat with three kids and they were all such a lovely snow white that their coats gleamed in the afternoon sunlight. I do not know if the young ones were all hers or she was just 'kidsitting' that day. Clearly we were not moving fast enough for them as they soon left the trail to stand out surefooted on a large rock promontory overlooking the dam.

With views like this, can you blame the goats for living here? (Take a little breath as this photo is really worth clicking on.)


  1. Fabulous views ....and I love the goats!!!!!

  2. lovely photos in all ways.

  3. Thanks for the tip. I probably would have clicked on the last photo anyway, but no harm in making sure. Fab, indeed!

  4. Oh, this is breathtaking. Look how close those goats were to you! And triplets? That seems unusual. I love this and am quite jealous.

  5. Oh.. so beautiful! I love that you encountered this goat family. They're lovely. And that view.. incredible! And I think I'd be tempted to slide down on my butt too. ;)


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