Thursday, October 22, 2009

Then Again on the Other Side of the Continent

Fall in the mountains on the East side of the United States is very different than striking gold in the Rocky Mountains. Here is more like a bordello. Like striking sex? Here we have a hussy that is not afraid to flaunt her seductive beauty. She wears colored veils that she throws at your feet whether you look away or stare straight at her as she strips away those veils. She paints her toenails and fingernails with kaleidoscopic colors. With the same compelling feeling a photographer gets when capturing sunsets, this photographer cannot stop snapping away as every view is too lovely to not try to archive in digital pixels for years to come. This scene above was along a mountain river in Southern Virginia as we set out on our trip. (Click for a closer view if you have prurient interests, natch.)

This photo was along the road on the Blue Ridge Parkway early one morning as the sun peaked over the clouds hanging just at the horizon and sent a ray of light in the direction we were headed. Someone was keeping an eye out for us I am thinking.


  1. The color of those trees in USA are just gorgeous!

  2. I want to be there....great pictures. All the colors. Memphis has many trees, but, I seem to miss them in their glory.

  3. You could really make a great calendar with all the beautiful photos you take.

  4. I've never thought of landscapes in just that way Tabor.

    Now I can wait to go out and have a look at those Fall colours again!


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