Monday, November 02, 2009

First Acts

This is the emotional time of year when passions run high and nature throws her dramatic fits due to all the farewells that are happening everywhere. Goodbye flower petals, goodbye butterfly wings, goodbye warm air kisses. This time of year is filled with rushed goodbyes.

An angry front of cooler air that had brought a gray hello moved in last week. It was preceded by the most exciting swirls of dark clouds, some hung high and others were gray and feathery and just grazed the tops of the trees. This storm was silent. Even the lower part of the dramatic winds only moved the low hanging clouds and did not bend branches or toss their leaves. The leaves that still had a strong grip shivered ever so slightly as if in excited anticipation of the powerful event yet to come. The sun was shoved abruptly behind the horizon as bright stage lighting was not needed for this drama. There were no special effects such as thunder and lightning. Only the power of the air moving like a giant invisible hand pushing up high.

I stood barefoot on the dock and shivered myself, although not from any cold, because the air temperature was still very nice. No birds, no fish, no wildlife hung about to welcome this first act. I was alone in the audience.


  1. Hi There, I added you to my followers today--so that it will be easier to keep up with you. Which of your blogs do you recommend????? I like to email sometimes also, so you can send me you email address if you'd like. Mine is

    I think going from Fall to Winter is the hardest of the four seasons. It can be rather depressing.. BUT--if you look at it as a time to clean out the old --and get ready for the new (spring), then it seems to be easier. I love all four seasons--although Summer is my least favorite (since I don't like HOT weather).


  2. Betsy, how kind of you. I have also added you to my blog roll in the sidebar. My One Day blog is about my retirement and my daily life. This blog is about my love of this gentle and harsh earth. All comments go to my secondary email, but I do not check it very often.

  3. Beautiful photos and thoughts, Tabor. There's just so much magic about.

  4. This is my first visit to your blog I connected through another blog. That picture was a perfect match to your story.

  5. Enjoyed your words. They fit this time of year. Your new header is beautiful.

  6. They are the best times, watching weather come in through a landscape you know well, just you and it. It's an awesome moment to enjoy. (I love first hand accounts of weather!).

  7. I've said it before, but I'll say it again - you write so well!
    Oh to have your ability to paint a scene with words the way you do!
    Beautiful, Tabor. Lovely photo too. Thank you.
    Yes, I do dig my dahlias, and store them for winter in labeled paper bags in the cool store room upstairs. Mice think they're delectable, so I place all the bags in a net bag suspended from a hook. So far, so good. It's really easy digging with all the moisture we've had. I wish all my fall garden chores were as easy.

  8. Wow, Tabor, this post and photo are breathtaking!

  9. You sure caught a dramatic moment in that first act, Tabor!

    We've been getting butterfly kisses all week - won't last but it's quite seductive.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose


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