Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not the Leonids, But Just as Nice

We set out on the boat just at sunset on the evening of November 17th to see the Leonid meteor shower that was being promoted in all the science news columns and which was supposed to peak around this time.  The gentle breeze was cold and so we were bundled with gloves and hoods and prepared for an uncomfortable wait.  Lying back on boat cushions on the bow of the boat at odd angles, we saw at first the fake beauties of mankind that shine in the heavens, the planes and the satellites going on their speedy ways.  I thought that satellites all moved in similar orbits, but not those in my sky above the river.  They are just like mankind, no sense of patience about them and criss-crossing everywhere in their buzyness.  This photo below shows both a plane and a dock light that were distracting as the sun sunk low into the grayness.

Then finally as stiffness set into my old joints and I thought I might never move again I turned my neck slowly to the eastern sky and I saw a shooting star!  Just one, not the dozens predicted.  It was bright but not long.  Then as I was gazing in that direction and my eyes refocused I saw Halcyone, Sterope, Celaeno, Electra, Maia, Merope, and Taygete in their misty glow.  They were not easy to see.  I think they hide because they have been pursued by Orion due to their unusual beauty.  Seven sisters gathering in one place is not to be ignored.  They winked at us from behind a few misty clouds.

When I got back to the house and downloaded my little collection of photos, this one was revealed.  I did not try to take a picture of the stars.  Do you think the Seven Sisters included this photo and wanted me to remember them?


  1. What beautiful sunset pics,I love all the colors and who knows what wonders are up there watching us!!!

  2. Hi Tabor, I'm sorry you didn't get to see more 'shooting stars' ---but you obviously had a great view of the night sky. How great is that...

    And you had a great sunset...

    Thanks for a great post.

  3. At least you saw one good one, and got some lovely photos as well. The night sky is so beautiful, even if it does have those satellites blinking here and there. And your last photo is a pretty mysterious thing.

  4. Wow.. look at that sunset. Just beautiful. I'd love to sit out on a dock and watch a meteor shower.. and not freeze. Sounds like it was a lovely evening.

  5. Beautiful images - gave me chills just viewing them. Warm wishes from Tennessee.


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