Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just Relax

Some days I feel like everything I attempt is a struggle. The whole day remains out of sync. It is as if some black whole is sucking out my energy and then laughing in my face as I trip my way forward. Getting someone to respond to an email, getting someone to respond to an invitation, getting the weather to cooperate, getting my exercise schedule back on track, keeping that overstuffed pantry organized, slowing down time are all struggles. Then I stop what I am doing and take a short boat ride with hubby and we head down a part of the river we have not visited in a long time. I take a deep breath and this juvenile bald eagle appears in silhouette in the distance on a branch and then flying overhead and I am able to capture the perfection of his/her ballet in the sky. Sometimes when I just snap, there is no struggle with my photography. So much for trying too hard.


  1. You and a camera were just made for each other.

    I've had days like that and don't have a camera.

    Or a river.

    Or a boat....


  2. Email is almost ready for the trash heap in my view. All it brings is work, and not as many letters as it once promised ... back in the day. The river on the other hand always delivers!

  3. You were right to go to the river when everything else was a struggle. The eagle was your reward.

  4. It must have been calling you. Just too beautiful.

  5. perfect, indeed!


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