Thursday, November 05, 2009


Mums are in their full regalia even after the heavier rains earlier in the week. They are the most faithful and healthy of friends returning each fall. Several new plants are blooming beneath the pyracantha hedge where I carelessly broke off branches, and, instead of putting them in the compost pile, I stuck them in the ground this summer. Mums are hardy and can be grown almost anywhere. I am now on the hunt for some new and more exotic varieties to decorate the yard and to extend fall next year. (You really need to click on the last one!)


  1. Hi Tabor, We have lots of Mums around here still blooming also. I used to get Mums and put them in my yard in pots--just to give some Fall colors. Mine never lasted too long --so I finally quit buying them. I do enjoy seeing others' Mums though.

  2. We don't have any mums in our garden, but several of our neighbours do and their gardens with the grass still a rich green from all the rain, could be mistaken for Spring time instead of the verge of winter.

    Next years we'll have to plan better.

  3. It's nice that they show up for fall. That can really liven up otherwise leaden skies and browning earth.


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