Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Word Verification Issues

I went back to the old interface and saved the remove word verification process. Would you all let me know if this works. I will leave this setting up for several posts and see if it increases spam comments. I agree with everyone that the new word verification interface that Blogger has implement is a DISASTER. You all keep me posted and I will do the same for you! Then if it seems to work, I will assist anyone else in this process.


  1. seems to be working...for some reason i cant even comment today on those with word verification...

  2. Now maybe you can tell me something
    Just wanted to post something new.
    A small sign came up
    and said
    My browser is no longer supported by blogger.
    Try Google Chrome.
    Do not even know what is going on...

  3. I just did exactly the same thing! Went to the old interface and killed the dang thing. And you're right, the new WV is horrid! Could have sworn I'd turned it off once before.

  4. Oh - no WV on my comment!

  5. It took me longer to figure out that I needed to go back to the old interface than it did to fix it! Goodness!

    I wasn't having any trouble with the word verification as I read other blogs, but apparently many were, so the change was worth it. I've only had it removed for a couple days, but so far, so good. I've had no spam as I did immediately after removing it in the past. Fingers crossed.

  6. i see no word verification here. i turned off mine a few days ago and have been getting at least a spam a day. i think there may be fodder for a post in there somewhere.

  7. It worked! I just turned it off on my blog too. Fingers crossed blogger's screening is better than it was back when I felt forced to have to turn it on in the first place!

  8. I was able to pst on your other blog with no trouble - THANK YOU! I had such trouble deciphering the bent and twisted letters...

  9. Good for you!!!!! I have the message plastered all over my blog... Most of my people have gotten rid of it. I have NEVER had word verification --and have had very very little spam.

    If you do have a problem with spam, you can set it up to have to approve all of your comments BEFORE they are published... That will keep you in control.

    I despise Word Verification --even the old one.. Takes up too much time...

    Thanks so much!!!!

  10. Yes, it's working, ta.

  11. This new "gift" from blogger is driving me nuts, I am taking twice as long to comment these days! I disabled my verification a couple of years back, and have had no problem with spammers at all.

  12. So far, so good.
    It really is a miserable thing. I got rid of mine the other day.

  13. Well done Tabor. Yes, it is much easier now. Thanks - Dave


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