Saturday, November 16, 2013

Jewel Tones

The jewels tumbling
spill to the ground,
throw away their glow
of amber and ruby and tourmaline
and become skeletons
fading to chalk and ash
the way all living things do.

Scattered pure reflections
as from a prism
that hung at the sun's circumference
and now lie broken
spilling the bit of imperfect light
that remains
across the earth's floor.

When the cold descends
they crunch like the crackle
of a warm fire
as they give up the last
of their beauty
and remind us of
the swift passage of time.

Reminding us that
our greatest challenges
lie ahead
calling us to hold strong
with dignity and grace
as our own glow fades
and only memories
are left to warm others
when the cold descends.


  1. The past few mornings the sun coming up and shining through a large red maple turns our shade a red which glows through the room.

    Fall is pretty cool.

  2. Images and words are just stunning.. How beautiful all.

  3. Beautiful. I'm impressed.

  4. A great poem and the most beautiful and interesting photographs.

  5. Love your photos AND your words.. Autumn is such a beautiful season --and it just doesn't last long enough…


  6. Gorgeous. We just don't get masses of color like that.

  7. Your first shot is a winner. Peotry is nicely done to describe beautiful autumn colors.

  8. there is much we can learn of nature...of ourselves in nature...the cycles...i dont think that it is by coincidence you know....smiles....enjoy that fading light...

  9. Very moving, words and pictures both.

  10. beautiful photograph, as always. wonderful poem, especially the last part. made me pause and think - and I love it when someone's writing does that! thanks!!

  11. Beautiful words and beautiful images. Gorgeous!

  12. How beautiful are the pictures and the poem, great.

  13. Thanks, I needed that reminder. They are beautiful jewels. It calms me from beating the leaves with the broom with vengeance as they push their way into my den every time the north door opens.

  14. Oh what fun! I posted a photo similar to this today.


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