Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Thank You!

Remember that day I had sprained my ankle
and complained of having to stay home?
Well, I send generous thanks for taking me
along that walk around your lake and
thanks to you, in the back of the room,
for the hike up that aspen gold hillside.

Remember that day I drug everyone
down just like Eeyore on a normal day?
Well, abundant thanks for that poem
about autumn and thanks to you
sitting with your laptop for
that photo of your
special bird that comes to your birdbath
and the photos of your garden.

Remember that time I spewed anger
over some political loudmouth
that had been broadcast across
the land and paid well?
Here is a hug and kiss to you
for that rest on your porch
and that trip to your child's play at school
that made me laugh!

Now I will return the uplift with some photos of my own from a farm I visited near my home.  The cool front was pushing through painting the sky lovely colors and twisting the angle of the sun's rays into prisms of color.

And there was even Huckleberry Finn at the dock!


  1. That dock so reminds me of my folks retirement home on a creek on Eastern Shore Md.

    We caught perch and blue claw crab.

    Thanks for the memories!

  2. Love thisnpost. We all have those lowbmomentsband likebyou I have often had my equilibrium restored by a familiar friendly blogger.

  3. ah a bit of beauty in those refreshing as was given in your verse....for when we needed it...its been a long day thank you too...smiles.

  4. Where would we be without those healing moments? Thank you for sharing them.

  5. That's some eye candy, what gorgeous colors. Thank you.

  6. You've caught some very beautiful photos of your fall trees.

  7. You have make beautiful photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  8. Thank you! Just lovely!

  9. And your place has always been a place we could visit for beauty, joy and respite.

  10. So beautiful photos!
    So beautiful place!

  11. Nice shot of the sun's rays.

  12. Great colors in thwaw pictures. I must say no 2 is hitting my eyes best.

  13. These photos are excellent in capturing the mood of a storm moving in and the change within the landscape -- the last two photos were my favorite -- barbara

  14. I can use these photos to relax a bit at the end of my afternoon. I'm about to prepare Chicken Marsala - won't you come to dinner?

  15. Fabulous colour and beautiful skies!

  16. And now I can thank you when the Eyeore-ish days descend and I can look back to the beauty of this post.

  17. Beautiful piece of scenery Tabor.

  18. A very sweet post.. and gorgeous, brilliant images to boot!


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