Wednesday, March 19, 2014

620–740 nm on the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Today with the cold and white and gray,
It has to be all about the red.
Red is warm and friendly and spicy and sexy.
Red gets the heart pumping with a shock.
Red is what flows through your veins.
Red is a spicy cinnamon stick and
a big juicy tomato.
Red is a sticky sweet cherry and
a big shiny bow.
Today is all about the red.
Red as the lips on a Flamenco dancer,
Red as the rubies around her neck,
Red as the tropical sunset,
Red as a raspberry pie,
Red as the flames in the fire,
and more
Red and warming than your first blush.


  1. Yummy, words and photos, hooray for red.

  2. I love the Cardinals and all the rest are lovely jubely.

  3. wow...what beautiful markings on that first black bird...his racing stripes really is such and intriguing color...both passionate and bold...even anger as well...

  4. Red sounds delicious and sexy and wonderful!

  5. JHy, I like how you prepare us for red with your poem and then show us red birds. Well done.

  6. Lovely red bird shots -- some have a touch of red but red is red and all look good -- barbara

  7. Just warm. Just happy. We are still a bit chilly here, and the Great Geezer wants to change the red pillow covers to blue. No thanks. I want warm red. :)

  8. We all need that touch of red in our lives.

  9. For some reason the red winged blackbird is a favorite of mine. I think my grandmother pointed it out to me in their bird book and then showed me an actual one in their yard when I was very young. It has stayed with me.

  10. LOVE a good red. A great color. And great examples of red in the pics!

  11. Love your RED birds.... RED in winter just seems like the perfect color. Maybe it's because things are so drab and dreary here... Seeing those red birds just makes me smile... Great post --and your header is awesome.


  12. it's about the only color available in a snowy winter. it's finally greening up here, so soothing to my eyes. no snow but brown in winter. everything is brown.

  13. I scrolled slowly in my Feedly reader, and was delighted to see where all of your poetic redspeak was taking us. Lovely pics.. lovely verbal images also.

  14. No wonder red is my favorite color! Great series!


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