Monday, March 17, 2014


Temperature climbed to 69 degrees F.
Birds were singing and showing off instead of eating at the bird feeder.
Dirt was soft and beckoned to be caressed by hands.
A few brave souls lifted their violet delicate heads.

Plans for trimming and pruning were made.
Budgets for repair projects were listed.
Rocks were pulled away from green peaking tips of tulips in the pots
Resting easy in their beds that night.

Then the next morning with the sky still shaking flakes to earth,
this is what greeted my eyes.
Coffee in hand it was truly a beautiful if exhausting scene.
Poor little tulips buried somewhere in that thick cotton blanket.

Clinging to hope for change
and being proactive with spring plans.
Once again a natural change dampens our activity.


  1. The view from your deck reminds me of my Mom's view from the Chesapeake Bay area...Trippes Creek.

    Loved that place!

  2. Bless your heart, at least you know that Spring is under all that white, just wanting to burst through and make all of your dreams and plans come true.
    Happy St, Paddy's Day,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  3. ha. you and me both...we got a good coat of ice and slush over night...sleet....not good for packing snowballs....pout

  4. Mother Nature seems intent on giving you whiplash, sun then snow. But those blooms are right on the brink. May they hold out until the temps rise a little more reliably. What a beautiful view.

  5. We've gone back down close to freezing at night again. So many things have begun to bloom, but the pecan trees haven't budded. They know it's not quite done yet, they always know.

  6. Oh how disappointing! Although you do have a beautiful view from your deck despite the weather.

  7. How frustrating. We're a good month or more away from blooms of any kind, I fear. This snow is relentless... as is the cold. The crocus blossoms were lovely.

  8. It's surprising how hardy the early spring plants are.

  9. "a truly beautiful if exhausting scene". I am impressed that you can still see the beauty after the endless winter. Let's hope winter is exhausted and that was the last gasp.

  10. We went from a week of Spring to a Sunday of rain, wind, ice and snow. Just enough to weigh down my beautiful pine tree at the front of my property and topple it over. Another loss to Mother Nature. Monday the sun was back and Spring was making another go at it, but my tree was gone.

  11. It's happening to everyone. Winter backs off enough to let us get out hopes up and then comes back dampening our good moods.


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