Monday, April 21, 2014

Life Goes On

No, my family name is not Hood.

I was walking out to the bluebird house to drop some dried meal worms on their doorstep as a house warming gift.  While they are not crazy about dried meal worms at this time of year, they will eat a few.  They had nested here last year and except for one crazy event with a black rat snake that we had to haul away, they were able to bring up two new bluebirds.  I had not seen them going in and out, but I did see some grasses sticking out of the side of the door and since we had carefully cleaned all the nesting boxes, I was sure they had returned.  (Then again, bluebirds are notoriously ingenious and this could just be a fake nest.  They have managed to chase off the chickadees from building in other nearby houses!)

When I turned back I saw out of the corner of my eye a fairly large shadow of a bumblebee, but it made no sound.  Wow, I thought, he was really moving, faster than any I had seen this spring!  I turned and tried to catch him with my eye again and then this is what I saw below.  I took several shots, but Mr. Speedfast below was hard to catch in the colder morning air.  This is the FIRST of the season.  I am thinking about putting up another feeder nearby.

This month I also find my self almost daily tripping over this little fellow when I venture out either to the front yard or the back yard.  He has a varied range.

If you look closely you will see that something is wrong.  I am thinking it is my neighbors cat that has removed the tail feathers.  That is why I am almost tripping over the little guy.  He really has no "rudder" to fly.  I have read that these MAY grow back so I am placing little seed dishes here and there and a water dish for him.

Above he is hanging out with the female bluebird.  Glad they get along and she is not prejudice against the handicapped.

Above is what my white throats look like when they have a tail.  I am hoping he makes it, but if not, as with humanoids, life goes on in my woods.


  1. Nice shots, love the blue birds, not too many around here, I don't think they trust people.

  2. Exciting to see the first hummingbird. I'm going to put up a feeder here and hope for the best.

  3. ha. so the size of your tail feathers does not on the hummers....i love them...

  4. You show some of the exciting spring activities. It seems like nest building is a never ending process.

  5. You have lovely little feathered friends. Sure hope the tailless fellow makes it.

  6. Tail feathers were created for more than one reason. My chickens often lose their tail feathers in an escape from a predator. You can sense what a narrow escape it was. So nice of you to place food on the ground for the little bird.

    I will have to direct my friend named "Hood" to your blog. She will enjoy the birdhouse.

  7. Thank you for sharing.
    I notice my hummingbirds
    look so thin at this time
    and keeping the feeder full.
    So much activity going on
    surrounding us at this time :)
    difficult to take images as they
    move so fast...

  8. After such a winter, it must be nice to be running into all these old friends again!

  9. What beautiful pics! Thank you for sharing them.
    I was wondering what kind of tailless bird that was. ;) I really hope they grow back. Poor lil fella.

    Keep the birdie pics coming. I love them!

  10. The bluebird has always been my favorite - even though I've never seen one for real. I suppose because my favorite color is blue.

  11. I saw my first bluebird just a couple of years ago at Yellowstone and could hardly believe that beautiful color was natural. They are such amazing birds. I was surprised to find out that the Japanese call them Birds of Happiness too.


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