Monday, December 01, 2014


Moving into the season of sharp shadows 
And electric droning winds
Winds that tear the tears from ones eyes
And slice open the tufted cover across your chest

Moving into the season
Where warm colors to the eye are a pretense
That the earth is not sleeping
But just being cozy and quiet for a day.

A season where noise is
Crackling like a crazy fire
Where things fracture and splinter
Making you ever alert for intruders
And the only softness 
Is a winter's dried seed bouquet
Brought indoors and set on the side table


  1. It is always so hard for me to move from the warm rich colors of fall to the stark white of winter. And winter lasts SO long. Ugh.
    I guess that is why I've started to put up the winter/Christmas decorations a bit earlier (still wait until Dec). I need a bit of color and fun. ;)
    Beautiful post!

  2. Your poem and photos made much more sense when I saw the title! Nicely done.

  3. This makes me think of the young doctor who ran tests on me yesterday. I struck up a conversation of course, and learned lots about him but primarily that he is from Mississippi. He began to lament about the scenes of nature that he misses so much. By the time he finished describing the fall and winter in Mississippi I was ready to move there and he was nearly in tears. There is a lot more to the holidays than family and friends.

  4. the temperature dropped 40 degrees over night....i would love to be staying cozy and warm...the shadows def are getting a little longer...and a bit deeper....i could fall asleep to the crackling of the fire....

  5. There are lovely images even to winter's dreary gray.

  6. Just beautiful. The colours are so warm and rich.. especially the last shot.

  7. that was lovely. our summers can be brutal but I'll take them over cold snowy long winters any day. even so, our two or three months of winter are too much.

  8. Lovely. Only once did the rhythm catch me up. :) You taking a poetry class this winter?

  9. Photopoems, absolutely stunning.

  10. I love how you express the season with nature. Excellent words and photos -- barbara


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