Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ice and Fire

I looked out the window the other day and saw that the grass was turning green!  Daffodils are about 4 inches above the ground.  All of the snow is melted and the ground seems only damp and not totally soggy.  I actually am eager to hurry outside to catch one of those memorable sunsets in the evenings and the sun is setting later, so we have usually finished dinner. 

Come along with me and make sure you still have a heavy jacket, because 49F degrees is still a little nippy.

Here are four different sunsets this week.  In the last two you can see the ice that is still on the river, but soon to be gone!


  1. Lovely your sunlight, beautiful images Tabor.

  2. No wonder you are willing to live through the winter snows, to get to the spring sunsets!

  3. Awesome sunsets. I'll bet you're happy the days are longer.

  4. Boy that's a powerful sunset. :) Thanks.

  5. Gorgeous. Been so overcast here sunsets are rare.

  6. Your sunsets
    look like the ones I view
    here in my country setting.
    Also seeing signs of Spring
    plants emerging.

  7. Tabor -- Such beauty. Sunset are so powerful sometimes -- like these. -- barbara


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